International Military Student Briefing

International Military Student Briefing

Target Audience

This learning guide is designed specifically for international military students (IMS) who are scheduled to attend training at Department of Defense schools or other military-sponsored training in the United States. This guide should be viewed by the international military students before their departure from their home country.


The goal of the learning guide is to help prepare international military students so that they will benefit from and enjoy their stay in the United States. It consists of seven sections, as follows:
  1. Introduction to IMS Training in the US
  2. Travel Orders & Key Documents
  3. Considerations of American Culture
  4. Guidelines for Your Stay in the US
  5. Course Summary


The learning guide takes about 90 minutes to complete, depending on how familiar the student may be with the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this training necessary?

All international military students who attend training at DoD schools and elsewhere in the United States are required to receive an orientation before their departure from their home country. This requirement is documented in the JSCET (Joint Security Cooperation Education and Training), also known as AR 12-15, SECNAVINST 4950.4B, and AFI 16-105. Specifically, Chapter 10, paragraph 9 (“In-country predeparture briefing”) requires this training and indicates that DSCU has provided a standard briefing for general use. Additionally, the same paragraph provides an outline of the required topics for the predeparture briefing, which are addressed in this learning guide.

What if the student has other questions?

The student should refer other questions to the Security Cooperation Organization (SCO) before departure. The DSCU learning guide does not cover all situations.

Who do I contact if I have any technical issues with this learning guide?

Go to the Online Learning Help Desk for technical assistance.

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