Security Cooperation Organization/Officer

SC Workforce Certification Level

Required for Intermediate Level Certification for SCO Operations and Management


This course is designed to meet the educational requirements of U.S. security cooperation office (SCO) personnel and geographic combatant command (CCMD) staff personnel directly supporting SCOs. The course includes lectures, seminars, and practical exercises with instruction provided by DSCU faculty members and guest lecturers including senior DoD officials, representatives of other USG agencies, university professors, and members of private organizations. Students will attain a working knowledge of SCO-relevant security cooperation (SC) policies and procedures, and graduates will have the skills needed to implement effectively SC aspects of U.S. foreign policy.


This course is designed to educate SCO personnel and CCMD staff members to develop solutions to complex SC issues at the field level, given legislative and policy restrictions, stakeholder interests, and resource challenges. An important related objective is to communicate professionally, diplomatically, and influentially with foreign partners and defense industry contractors as well as within CCMDs, U.S. embassy country teams, and the broader DoD and U.S. government (USG) interagency communities. Also, students gain the knowledge to prepare effective responses to emergent political, diplomatic, economic, environmental, health, and national security issues/crises which affect SC. To do this well, students must learn to plan, program, and assist in the execution and assessment of SC using applicable automation tools and procedures. Specific focus areas include 1) preparing letters of request (LORs)/memoranda of request (MORs), 2) facilitating end-use monitoring (EUM) and third party transfers, and 3) managing effectively SCO resources. This course prepares students to critically analyze, align, and evaluate U.S. SC interests and partner nation requirements.

Target Attendees

U.S. security cooperation office (SCO) personnel and geographic combatant command (CCMD) staff personnel directly supporting SCOs.


SC-101 Introduction to Security Cooperation (12 hours)

Substitute Course(s)

Security Cooperation Management - OCONUS Course (SCM-O), Oct 1 2011 and Later

Course Length

19 days vILT

Additional Course Information

Delivery Mode

Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT)

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Not evaluated

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V0110/05/2020 - 10/30/2020Virtual Instructor-Led TrainingIn-ProgressClosed 


In addition to the SC-101 prerequisite course, the online courses SC-111 Introduction to Technology Transfer (8 hours) and SC-121 Introduction to End Use Monitoring (2 hours) must be completed in order to graduate from SCO-201. All students attending SCO-201 are required to have a Secret clearance and complete annual DoD Cyber Awareness Training with 12 months of the course’s end date. The Spouse Orientation Course, SCO-299, runs concurrently with the second week of SCO-201 (Days 6-10). Certain lessons will be conducted jointly with the students in these two courses, including the protocol dining exercise. DSCU funds spouse attendance in SCO-299 but cannot provide childcare services for any children. Outside that overlapping week instruction, spouses can attend select lessons in SCO-201, depending on space availability and the classification of the lessons.

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