Access to WPAFB

Base Access

DSCU West is located on Wright-Patterson Air Force Base adjacent to Fairborn, Ohio, approximately ten miles northeast of Dayton, Ohio. DSCU West is in Building 52 of Area B.

When entering the base, you must show the on duty security policeman a valid government issued ID card and possibly a copy of your TDY orders. These items should be in your possession at all times.

Gates and Map

Students and visitors arriving via private or rental automobile should enter the base through Gate 12A (for the Wright Patterson Inn).

The following are the 24-hour gates for each area:

  • Area A - gate 12A
  • Area B - gate 19B
Map Showing Our Location


Ample parking is available on the east (uphill) side of Building 52. See driving directions under "Directions to Billeting and DSCU West ." Parking for handicapped students is located by the DSCU West main entrance (at the flag pole) and also at the south end of the building near the elevator. Students should not park in spaces labelled "DSCU West Mission." Base security police may ticket vehicles parked in violation.

Handicapped Personnel

The facilities at DSCU West and Wright-Patterson AFB are not entirely handicapped accessible. DSCU West is located on the second and third floors of Building 52. A freight elevator is located at the south end of the building to help access the second and third floors. We will also notify billeting and base transportation of a student's special requirements.

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