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Advanced International Acquisition Management
The course teaches students to conceptualize, assess, plan, and execute the full spectrum of International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) activities to improve acquisition outcomes and contribute to DoD and U.S. Government security cooperation objectives. The course covers the following: program IA&E assessments; international considerations in developing a program’s acquisition strategy; international business planning; defense exportability integration; technology security and foreign disclosure considerations; foreign military sales acquisition best practices; international cooperative programs; working with industry; IA&E best practices and is designed to strengthen the student’s critical thinking and analytical skills through the use of practical exercises and case studies based on real world IA&E scenarios.
This course matures students’ critical thinking skills and to recognize new International Acquisition and Exportability (IA&E) related laws, policies, and guidance; analyze an organization or program to identify IA&E improvement opportunities; conduct an IA&E Assessment for an acquisition program; examine international considerations needed to develop a program’s Acquisition Strategy; plan and synchronize technology security and exportability efforts; examine USG and industry IA&E cooperation, examine International Cooperative Programs (ICPs); analyze and synthesize acquisition best practices on a DoD weapon system sale to improve outcomes for the FMS customer; plan and synchronize IA&E activities to enhance acquisition outcomes; and select key IA&E best practices at the PMO-level to enhance DoD acquisition outcomes and contribute to Security Cooperation objectives.
Target Attendees
Acquisition professionals in the Acquisition Workforce (AWF) and Security Cooperation Workforce (SCW) occupying Level 3 positions coded as international and industry equivalents.
ACQ 230, International Acquisition Integration (DAU Course) or ACQ 230, Intermediate International Acquisition Integration (offered through DISCS)
Substitute Course(s)
Course Length
5 hours distance learning + 4.5 days in-residence at DAU
Additional Course Information
Delivery ModeDistance learning + In-residenceiSC Continuing Learning Hours38 Hours
Equivalent CoursesNoneDAU Continuing Learning Points38
College Credit RecommendedNot evaluatedFM Continuous EducationNot evaluated
Available Classes & Registration
This course is offered directly by the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). Click here to view available classes and to register for a class.
This course was developed for the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment [USD(A&S)] International Acquisition Career Path (IACP) and is being offered to Security Cooperation Workforce personnel with acquisition-related responsibilities who would benefit from this training. The course includes approximately five hours of pre-coursework including identifying an IA&E improvement project for their organization or program based on challenges encountered in their workplace before arriving at the classroom. Student proposals will be discussed and refined during the course to help shape each student’s post-course project efforts. Additional information is available on the DAU iCatalog