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Intermediate SC Case Life Cycle Reconciliation
This course is currently available only as a mobile-training-team course at a specific field activity customer location. This course encompasses a broad variety of topics including statutory requirements, DoD directives and manuals, military department (MILDEP) directives and manuals; an overview of Security Cooperation (SC) case processes, including financial processes of pricing, funds management, and billing; as well as an overview of the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) and Defense Finance Accounting Service (DFAS) Security Cooperation Accounting (SCA) case reconciliation and closure processes. Implementing Agency (IA) unique workshops make up the majority of course hours and are designed to provide hands on training in the tools available to IA and DoD agency case and financial managers. The first two days consist of classroom lecture and discussion covering the topics of Security Cooperation (SC) case process, SC case financial management, the SAMM Chapter 16 (Case Reconciliation and Closure), the Reconciliation and Reconciliation and Closure Guide (RCG, SAMM Appendix 7), and DSCA, DFAS SCA, and DCMA Guest Speaker perspectives on case reconciliation and closure. The remaining two and one half days are conducted as unique Implementing Agency (IA) workshops where the tools available for ongoing case reconciliation and ultimately closure are demonstrated, discussed, and analyzed in terms of exercises utilizing the IA unique data systems and products.
This course’s objective is to provide personnel, who are directly involved or concerned with Security Cooperation (SC) case and financial management, a comprehensive understanding and application of the policies, methods, systems, and actions necessary for effective and continuous case and line reconciliation from case and line implementation through final closure.
Target Attendees
Security Cooperation personnel involved with Case/Program Management – FMS – BPC – International Training or Military Construction, Budgeting & Financial Management of SC Programs and Resources, and Logistics Management, SC Information Management, SC Human Capital Support, and Operation Execution of Training Activities.
  • SC-101 Introduction to Security Cooperation Course
  • CASE-201 Intermediate SC Case Life Cycle Management
Substitute Course(s)
Security Cooperation Management Case Reconciliation and Closure Course (SCM-CR), Oct 1 2009 and Later
Course Length
4-5 days in-residence (based on unique Implementing Agency (IA) workshops)
Additional Course Information
Delivery ModeIn-ResidenceSC Continuing Learning Hours40 Hours
Equivalent CoursesNoneDAU Continuing Learning PointsNot evaluated
College Credit RecommendedNot evaluatedFM Continuous Education24 Hours
Available Classes
ClassNumberDistance LearningIn-ResidenceLocationStatus 
CASE-290X0209/14/2020 - 09/18/2020TBDScheduledRegister
CASE-290X0106/01/2020 - 06/05/2020New Cumberland, PAScheduledRegister
Because this course is only offered as an on-site course at a specific customer location, DSCU will fund up to 40 percent of the students for travel to the on-site location and DSCU will also fund the travel of all instructors to the on-site location. DSCU does not normally fund rental cars for students attending on-site courses but it shall be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This course can be repeated every three years as a refresher and to obtain updates on new policies and procedures.