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Intermediate Locally Employed Staff
The course provides updates in U.S. security cooperation (SC) legislation, policy, and procedures; Combatant Command regional specific SC programs and policies, the whole of government planning, letter and memorandum of request (LOR/MOR) development, international armaments cooperation, end-use monitoring, third party transfers advanced training in international training and SCO budget management, as well as more in-depth training on financial management and logistics of SC cases and the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) and the Overseas Humanitarian Assistance Shared Information System (OHASIS). Instruction is classroom-based, with reading assignments and practical exercises reinforcing lectures. All instruction is in English. Objectives
Build upon the Basic LES-101 (or SCM-LO) course to provide a deeper and broader background in Security Cooperation Management to Locally Employed Staff (LES) with increased responsibilities.
Target Attendees
Locally-Employed Staff working in Security Cooperation Offices (SCOs).
Applicants must have completed the Basic Security Cooperation Management Locally Employed Staff Orientation Course (SCM-LO/LES-101) and must have a current and active Security Assistance Network (SAN) account with access to TMS web prior to arriving at DISCS. SAN User Group Administrators at the Geographical Combatant Command headquarters can assist with creating new accounts or updating existing accounts. This course can be repeated every three years to enable students to stay current on Security Cooperation policies and procedures.
Substitute Course(s)
SCM-LA (SCM-459) Security Cooperation Management Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff) Orientation Course.
Course Length
5 days in-residence
Additional Course Information
Delivery ModeDistance Learning and in-residenceSC Continuing Learning HoursNot reviewed
Equivalent CoursesSCM-LA (SCM-459)DAU Continuing Learning PointsNot evaluated
College Credit RecommendedNot reviewedFM Continuous EducationNot evaluated
Available Classes
No classes found