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SCM-AT (SCM-441)

Security Cooperation Management Advanced Training Course

NOTE: The following information is offered for archival purposes only. This course is no longer offered by DSCU.


The 5-day Advanced Training Management Course (SCM-AT) provided members throughout the entire international training community an in-depth understanding of SC training policy issues enabling them to provide informed, constructive policy advice to senior DoD and DoS leaders. Students also studied automation tools and new automation initiatives being introduced to the training community. This was accomplished through the use of expert guest lecturers discussing topical issues regarding current policy and its implementation procedures.

Course Description

The curriculum was designed to examine current international training policies and procedures, as well as current security cooperation training automation systems. The emphasis of the course was to examine the way current training programs were managed and to understand why policies and procedures were in place. Each offering of the course was unique, creating a comprehensive approach to the impact of policies and procedures on the total spectrum of security cooperation training programs. Flexibility in curriculum was required to effectively carry out the objectives.