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SCM-CF (SCM-411)

Security Cooperation Management Financial Management Course

NOTE: The following information is offered for archival purposes only. This course is no longer offered by DSCU.


The Financial Management Course (SCM-CF) was held for 5 days and was designed to provide personnel who were directly involved in or concerned with Security Cooperation (SC) pricing, funds management, performance/delivery reporting, and billing a comprehensive understanding and application of the policies, methods, systems, and actions necessary for the effective financial management of SC cases.

Course Description

The course encompassed a broad variety of topics, including the Arms Export Control Act and other statutory requirements; Department of Defense (DoD) implementing directives and manuals; SC pricing of materiel and services; flow and accounting of funds; the FMS trust fund; obligation and expenditure authority; payment schedules; performance reporting and reimbursement, including the delivery transaction / performance reports, FMS billing statement (DD Form 645), Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) feedback reports, the Defense Integrated Financial System (DIFS); and case reconciliation, and closure. The course was interspersed with studies of the organizations and functions concerned, including the military departments (MILDEPs) and the DFAS, and their interrelationship and involvement.