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SCM-CM (SCM-401)

Security Cooperation Management Program and Case Management Course

NOTE: The following information is offered for archival purposes only. This course is no longer offered by DSCU.


The Program and Case Management course (SCM-CM) was a 5 day course designed for personnel who directly participated in the pre-development, development, implementation, execution and closure of foreign military sales (FMS) and building partner capacity (BPC) cases. Through instructor and student dialogue, group exercise and seminars; the course enabled the student to understand and apply SC policies, procedures, methods, systems, and actions necessary for effective management of FMS and BPC programs.

Course Description

The SCM-CM course provided SC personnel with an increased knowledge of security cooperation (SC) policies, procedures and systems and will provide new perspectives on effective case management methodologies. It addressed a broad variety of topics involved in providing total package support for security cooperation programs. Topics included discussion of case management initiatives; case manager interfaces with the in-country Security Cooperation Organization (SCO); technology transfer issues; case management reports; letter of offer and acceptance processes; acquisition and contract considerations; training issues; logistics issues; case reconciliation and closure overview; Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) for case management; case writing division role; and Military Department current case management issues.

Classes were presented in both lecture and seminar mode to encourage a free and open exchange of ideas between the students and the instructors. Guest speakers from the MILDEPs enhanced the discussion of current SC issues and policies. To reinforce the lectures and reading material, a number of practical exercises were woven into the curriculum. In these exercises, the students had the opportunity to directly apply what has been learned in the classroom.