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Security Cooperation Management Orientation Online Course

NOTE: The following information is offered for archival purposes only. This course is no longer offered by DSCU.


The Security Cooperation Management Orientation Course-Online (SCM-OC-OL) was an introduction to security assistance and security cooperation programs and processes for individuals who were involved occasionally with Foreign Military Sales or Building Partner Capacity programs, not on a full-time basis. Graduates of SCM-OC-OL who required more training could be scheduled for the one-week resident Security Cooperation Management CONUS Course (SCM-C or on-site SCM-CX), or other follow-on instruction as determined by their supervisor and DSCU. Additionally, this online course served as one of the two prerequisites for attendance at the resident SCM-C or SCM-CX.

Course Description

SCM-OC-OL contained 10 modules on topics in most functional areas of security assistance and security cooperation management. In progressing through each module, the student viewed graphics with key instructional points, listened to the instructor-narrated text and address points on a graphic, and followed along by reading the text of the instructor’s remarks at the bottom of the screen.

The course offered the advantage of immediate training beyond that of the SC-FA-OL (Security Cooperation Familiarization-Online) Course for employees as soon as they are were assigned to a security cooperation position. Each module had a built-in e-mail link to the DSCU faculty that allowed student communication with the instructor in the event the student had a question or concern about the material.