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SCM-TO/TM (SCM-341/342)

Security Cooperation Management Training Officer/Training Manager Course

NOTE: The following information is offered for archival purposes only. This course is no longer offered by DSCU.


The Training Officer (TO) course was designed to meet the needs of the International Military Student Offices (IMSO) at the installation level. It was provided in residence at DSCU over five days (Monday through Friday).

The Training Manager (TM) course was designed for personnel with duties involved with international training activities at the military department level (Military Service Training Activities) and above. The TM course consisted of a prerequisite distance learning module, tailored for training managers at the Military Service Training Activities and above, in addition to the five days of TO/TM classroom instruction.

This course met International Program Security (IPS) training requirements of DoD Directive 5230.20.

Course Description

TO Course

Provided a comprehensive overview of Security Cooperation (SC) and Security Assistance (SA) management, and the inter-relationships of the IMSO and the International Military Student (IMS). The curriculum explored SC legislation, SC/SA organizations and functions. In addition, the curriculum examined student administration, Invitational Travel Order (ITO), IMS health entitlements while attending SC/SA training, U.S. Field Studies Program (FSP), cross-cultural considerations that impact the IMSO-IMS environment, use of the Security Assistance Network (SAN) and Security Cooperation - Training Management System (SC-TMS). The curriculum further provided a review of service-unique: organizations, student administration procedures, FSP practices and funding.

TM Course

Presented a survey of the wide variety and principle features of SC/SA legislation and policy, introduced the student to the role of the SCO in support of U.S. national security strategy and other supporting DoD and DoS strategic guidance, and examined the various SC planning documents and processes for the execution of SC – with emphasis on training and the Combined Education and Training Program Plan (CETPP). The TM course also provided an overview of the entire life cycle of an FMS case with particular emphasis on international training, and financial management regulations that determine tuition pricing.

Note: TM students who completed the classroom portion of this course but did not complete the TM distance learning pre-requisite by day 3 of class received a TO certificate in lieu of a TM certificate.