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Contingency Security Cooperation Office
This course is designed to meet the training requirements of U.S. security cooperation organization (SCO) personnel in specific countries with large/unique SCO missions that cannot attend the SCO-201 resident course at DISCS. The end result of this course is a working knowledge of SCO-relevant security cooperation (SC) policies and procedures unique to that specific country. Graduates will have the basic skills to effectively execute SC duties in their respective host countries in support of U.S. foreign policy.
This course is designed to educate SCO personnel on the many complex and interrelated aspects of security assistance (SA) and SC at the field level, given legislative and policy restrictions, stakeholder interests, and resource challenges. This course therefore provides practical knowledge and hands-on training designed to enable students to plan, program, and assist in the execution of these interactions within DoD’s regional theaters of operation. The detailed specifics of working in an embassy environment, managing budget and other resources within the SCO, carrying out field-level international training management responsibilities, and executing SCO operational requirements. An important related objective is to communicate influentially with foreign partners and defense industry contractors as well as within CCMDs, U.S. embassy country teams, and the broader DoD and U.S. government (USG) interagency communities. The course includes lectures and practical exercises. Instruction is provided by DISCS faculty members and guest lecturers, to include senior officials as well as representatives from other U.S. Government (USG) agencies.
Target Attendees
U.S. security cooperation office (SCO) personnel. USG employees and contractor equivalents are eligible for attendance. U.S. embassy Locally Employed Staff (LES) and foreign / coalition military (officers and non-commissioned officers) may be admitted on a case-by-case basis and in country action officers should contact the registrar directly. SC personnel attending the SCO-200 course in lieu of SCO-201 or SCO-240 will receive credit for training specific for that country only. Any follow-on assignment to another SCO or SC billets may require taking SCO-201 or SCO-240. All DoD personnel assigned to overseas positions responsible for SA/SC management are required by DoD Instruction 5132.13 (DoD Policy and Responsibilities Relating to Security Cooperation) to complete SC training. SDO/DATTs shall, if in the grade of O-6 or below, attend the SCO-201 or SCO-240. SDO/DATTs in the grade of O-7 and above should attend EXEC-901.
  • SC-101 Introduction to Security Cooperation (12 hours)
  • SC-111 Introduction to Technology Transfer (8 hours)
  • SC-121 Introduction to End Use Monitoring (2 hours)
Substitute Course(s)
Security Cooperation Management - OCONUS Course (SCM-O), Oct 1 2011 and Later
Course Length
9 days in-residence
Additional Course Information
Delivery ModeIn-residenceSC Continuing Learning HoursNot evaluated
Equivalent CoursesNoneDAU Continuing Learning PointsNot evaluated
College Credit RecommendedNot reviewedFM Continuous EducationNot evaluated
Available Classes
ClassNumberDistance LearningIn-ResidenceLocationStatus 
SCO-200X0209/14/2020 - 09/25/2020Eskon VillageScheduledRegister
SCO-200X0102/09/2020 - 02/20/2020EskanCompletedRegister
In addition to the SC-101 prerequisite course, the online courses SC-111 Introduction to Technology Transfer (8 hours) and SC-121 Introduction to End Use Monitoring (2 hours) must be completed in order to graduate from SCO-200. All students attending SCO-200 are required to have a Secret clearance.