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Intermediate International Military Student Office (IMSO)
This is a intermediate-level course and is intended to address key functions of the International Military Student Officer (IMSO), focusing on administration of the International Military Student (IMS) during their training, Field Studies Program objectives and use of the Security Assistance Network (SAN) and the Security Cooperation – Training Management System (SC-TMS).
For students to: Recognize the International Training Management process. Access and utilize the Security Assistance Network (SAN) and Security Cooperation – Training Management System (SC-TMS). Respond to international military students’ needs while they are at your schoolhouse.
Target Attendees
Personnel involved with International Military Student Office Operations.
SC-101 Introduction to Security Cooperation Course
Substitute Course(s)
Security Cooperation Management - Training Officer/Training Manager Course (SCM-TO/TM), Oct 1 2013 and Later
Course Length
16 hours distance learning + 4 days in-residence
Additional Course Information
Delivery ModeDistance learning and in-residenceSC Continuing Learning Hours40 Hours
Equivalent CoursesNoneDAU Continuing Learning PointsNot evaluated
College Credit RecommendedNot reviewedFM Continuous EducationNot evaluated
Available Classes
ClassNumberDistance LearningIn-ResidenceLocationStatus 
XSPT-221W0308/31/2020 - 09/14/202009/15/2020 - 09/18/2020Wright-Patterson AFB, OHScheduledRegister
XSPT-221W0202/24/2020 - 03/09/202003/10/2020 - 03/13/2020Wright-Patterson AFB, OHScheduledRegister
The course consists of an on-line portion to be completed in preparation for attending the 4 day in-residence session. The in-residence portion normally runs from 0800 until 1530 Tuesday through Thursday with the course ending on Friday at 1200, thus allowing for travel days on Monday and Friday.