International SAN (ISAN)

Question:  What is the International Security Assistance Network (ISAN)?
Answer:   The ISAN is a portal on the internet that allows access to the Partner Security Cooperation -Training Management System (P SC-TMS) which allows Partner Nation individuals, working with the Security Cooperation Office (SCO), to view their Standardized Training List (STL) and the Training – Military Articles and Services Listing (T-MASL).

Question:  What is the ISAN URL address?

Question:  How do I get an ISAN account?
Answer:   The SCO in country must sponsor the Partner Nation user for an ISAN account by submitting an ISAN Account request to DSCU through the SAN. For the SCO to sponsor and request an ISAN account for a Partner Nation User the SCO must follow the below steps.
  • Log into the SAN
  • Hover over User Information
  • Select, Request New ISAN User
  • Fill out the form and submit it
Be prepared to define what access the Partner Nation user is to have:
  • Access to STL data (for a specific military service only or all services)
  • Access to T-MASL data, and which price categories apply to your country.
DSCU will create the account and send the information to the Partner Nation user.

Question:  Do I have to change my ISAN password? When? How?
Answer:   Your ISAN password does need to be changed at least every 60 days. To change your password, log into the ISAN and click User Information > Change Your Password and Other User Info. Enter your new password in the Password field. Confirm the new password in the Confirm Password field. Click Save/Submit. Your password must be 9-15 characters in length and must contain at least two each of the following: upper-case, lower-case, numerals and special characters). You will receive an e-mail notification 10 days before your password will expire.

Question:  Is there a course of instruction that teaches the use of the ISAN?
Answer:   The DSCU International Partner Security Coopteration Finance and Training Management Course (IPTN-202) (T-MASL D178270) will provide instruction on the use of the I-SAN and Partner SC-TMS.

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