Field Studies Program

Question:  What is the U.S. Field Studies Program (FSP)?
Answer:  In accordance with DoD Instruction 5410.17, United States Field Studies Program (FSP) for International Military and Civilian Students and Military-Sponsored Visitors, commanders of DoD and MILDEP installations are responsible for establishing, operating, and administering a program for international military and civilian students attending security cooperation sponsored training at their installations. This program is designed to complement formal training and provide students a balanced understanding of U.S. institutions, goals, and ideals, and to increase their awareness of how these reflect the U.S. commitment to the basic principles of internationally recognized human rights.

Question:  Are their funds available to for the Field Studies Program (FSP)?
Answer:  Yes. Costs for conducting this program are generated by the tuition rate charges for all programs that fund international training. But, funds supporting the FSP shall not be expended to pay for alcoholic beverages or entertainment expenses for activities that are substantially of a recreational character.

Question:  What is the relationship of the former DoD Informational Program (DoDIP) to the new U.S. Field Studies Program (FSP)?
Answer:  With the publishing of DoD Instruction 5410.17 and update to the SAMM, the FSP replaces the former DoDIP.

Question:  What does the Security Assistance Management Manual (SAMM) say about the FSP?
Answer:   See SAMM, Chapter 10.18

Question:  Are there implementing instructions for FSP in the Joint Security Cooperation Education and Training (JSCET) regulation?
Answer:   Yes, see JSCET Chapter 11.

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