Green Book

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  Front Material, Table of Contents, etc. May-2020
Chapter 1 Introduction to Security Cooperation May-2020
Chapter 2 Security Cooperation Legislation and Policy May-2020
Chapter 3 United States Government Organizations May-2020
Chapter 4 Security Cooperation Organizations Overseas May-2020
Chapter 5 Foreign Military Sales Process May-2020
Chapter 6 Types of LOAs May-2020
Chapter 7 Technology Transfer, Export Controls, and International Programs SecurityMay-2020
Chapter 8 LOA Standard Terms and Conditions May-2020
Chapter 9 Security Cooperation Acquisition Policy and Process May-2020
Chapter 10 Logistics Support of Security Cooperation Materiel Transfers May-2020
Chapter 11 Security Cooperation Transportation Policy May-2020
Chapter 12 Financial Management May-2020
Chapter 13Systems Acquisition and International Armaments CooperationMay-2020
Chapter 14International TrainingMay-2020
Chapter 15 A Comparison of Foreign Military Sales and Direct Commercial Sales May-2020
Chapter 16 Human Rights and Related Concepts May-2020
Chapter 17Resource Management for the Security Cooperation OrganizationMay-2020
Chapter 18 End-Use Monitoring and Third-Party Transfers May-2020
Chapter 19 Whole of Government Security Cooperation Planning May-2020
Appendix 1 Security Cooperation Automation Appendix May-2020
Annex A Abbreviations and Acronyms May-2020
Annex B Glossary of Selected Terms May-2020
Index Index May-2020
  Green book - Edition 40.0 Complete May-2020

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